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സൈക്ലിനിക്‌ - ടെലി സൈക്യാട്രിയിലേക്കു സ്വാഗതം 

Safe | Affordable | Discrete


PsyClinic - TelePsychiatry is among the pioneers of TeleMedicine

TeleMedicine Consults are available over WhatsApp, BOTIM or Telephone.

Consult with a mental health professional from the comfort of your home and without any waiting.  

Consultations by prior appointment.

Service is available in almost all the countries.

International medicine delivery available subject to country rules.

Safe, Affordable & Discrete.

How to get a TeleMedicine Consult done ?

STEP 1 - Book an appointment using the above form. You can choose your preferred date & time, and make online payment. 

STEP 2 - Online consultation will be done as per appointment schedule over WhatsApp, BOTIM or Telephone

STEP 3 - Treatment plan including prescription, investigations if any and psychotherapy plans will be shared with you.

STEP 4 - Medicine delivery available if required


For any assistance, please call (+91) 87518 12345


Second opinion clinic 

Confused about your psychiatric diagnosis or treatment ? 

We offer ethical, second opinion consultations without any bias or prejudice.

How to get a second opinion? 

Book your appointment using the form above. 

Then share all your treatment related documents via email to with your booking number in subject line. 

Our team of psychiatrists, psychologists & social workers will review your treatment details.

We will then arrange for a consultation. 


For any assistance, please call (+91) 87518 12345 


Payment details

Consult fee : Rs.500/-

UPI / BHIM : psyclinic@hdfcbank

GooglePay : (+91) 87518 12345

No fees required in case of any financial difficulties. User maybe requested to provide income proof to avail free consultations. 

What is TelePsychiatry ?

In TelePsychiatry, the treating psychiatrist and patient are in different geographical locations. Consultation is done via digital media like WhatsApp or BOTIM. Post consultation, a treatment plan including investigations if any and prescription are shared digitally. TelePsychiatry is bound by Telemedicine Guidelines as issued by Ministry of Family Health & Welfare, Government of India 2020. User maybe required to submit an ID proof if required. TelePsychiatry is Safe, Affordable and Discrete.


TelePsychiatry Consultations are NOT a perfect substitute to direct or in person physical consultations. Patient may be referred for an in person consultation, if required. All consultations are by appointment only, and no emergency treatment is available. In case of any emergencies, including suicidal tendency, please visit your nearest hospital with 24H emergency services. You can also make use of suicide helpline numbers like (+91) 9820466726 (AASRA) or others at your discretion. Clinic phone is attended only during the appointment time allocated, and hence cannot accept unsolicited calls.

TelePsy by PsyClinic follows Telemedicine Practice Guidelines by MoFHW, GOI. User may be required to produce a valid ID proof if required. Emergency treatment is not available. Consultations by appointment only. 

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